Single and ready to mingle??

In my original post I discussed that this blog would also be about dating when you were closed to 50. Here is the thing, I need to get a dating life first before I can blog about it. 🙂 That is the reason for the question marks in my title. Where do I go to meet interesting and available men? A little back story if you will indulge me.  I have never been married or actually really wanted to get married.  I came close once while in a 5 year relationship with a wonderful man who turned out to be not so wonderful. It was the classic story boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy, boy leaves girl for ex who came into a lot of money.  You know that old tale. It left me shaken and a tad bitter for several years.  Then I entered the younger man phase.  I was a cougar before cougars were cool. Yeah, I know it’s not entirely accurate. However, it was so fun.  Younger guys don’t talk about marriage, or 401Ks or getting up in the middle of the night to pee. Unfortunately, the younger guys I dated also didn’t talk about jobs or cars or homes because they didn’t have them. I struggled to find a middle ground.  I am still looking.

I will admit that all through my 20’s and 30’s I met men either through work or at bars. I was fortunate to work in industries with lots of client mixers and interactions.  Then in my 30’s I joined a company that although wonderful was very small.  A very limited dating pool. It was also the beginning of online dating. Great! Sign me up to meet all the men I see on ads. Problem I met 2 kinds of men on these sites. The first talked about marriage on the initial date. The second were the real prize sending me pictures of their junk immediately. Side note men…don’t…send…dick…pics! It’s not your best feature. Once a million years ago I was dating a guy long distance and he sent me a picture on my phone. I had an old flip phone so my cousin said I think you can send it to my computer and we can see it there. I assumed it was of his new car. So in front of a few friends and her now husband a picture of my boyfriend’s junk popped up on-screen. After that it was difficult to have a dinner party without someone reminding him we had all seen his business. So again unless she asks for it, don’t send it. Back on point, I didn’t do well on the online scene. So I just stayed single until I reconnected with an old friend from high school. It was perfect we knew the same people and we were around the same age. Unfortunately, it did not work out.

So here I am in a new year with new opportunities. With absolutely no clue how to meet a decent guy. Oh, I know a lot of decent guys but they are all married. I don’t think their wives and in some case husbands are willing to share. So online community, where did you meet your partner? I am a fun gal and willing to get out there. I mean look at my picture and you can see I shake it up! (is it cool to say that or old lady like?)  Was it church, online, bar, school or random place? I will write about whatever experiences I have even the embarrassing ones.  Pinkie swear.

I will report back,




Author: flirtingwithfifty

Trying to figure out love, life and food. I enjoy cooking, throwing parties and drinking wine. Hoping to find balance and the best possible life as I inch closer to 50.

One thought on “Single and ready to mingle??”

  1. I loved your post… Thank you so much for sharing your experience on dating. I’ve had some similar experiences too… I am still searching and hoping to one day find someone remotely interested in the word ‘love’ and ‘marriage’ the way I am. As I grow older I realise how tough this really is going to be… and the agony of knowing that perhaps my worst fears might come true…


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