What motivates me to move? No, really what?

So in my quest for better health I discovered that it is necessary to exercise. No big surprise I was just hoping for a different discovery. I have never been that much into working out. I dabbled in tennis, yoga, weight lifting even jazzercise. Having two left feet ruled that and Zumba out. I did enjoy a boxing class that was offered for a while. The only downside was not being able to lift my arms to brush my teeth. I lack the motivation and commitment to stay doing one thing. It has always been one of my negative traits. I would like a flat stomach but probably not more than I enjoy sitting on my ass.

I did finally get in a groove with some weight training. I liked the way I felt and the energy it gave me. Then old age or something else as cruel intervened. One day I did something lame like open a pickle jar or pick up my 10 lb. dog and yowza! Pain like I had never felt in my shoulder. I did what I do best and I ignored it. Masking the pain with salonpas patches. If you don’t know about them they are a slice of menthol heaven. So for almost a year I smelled like my grandma after a night smoking menthol at bingo. Then I gave in and went to 2 different doctors and an acupuncturist. I received 3 different diagnosis and am not any closer to feeling better. By the way I type this wearing two menthol patches and smelling like a cough drop.

So my physical activity basically went to crap! I walk that is it. I would like muscles or a nice definition. However, I would like to not yelp out in pain when I reach back to hook my bra. So friends, what do you suggest? Two things needed please. What motivates you to get up every day and say cardio…Yes! Second what would you recommend for me? I am willing to try new things if it doesn’t aggravate my torn labrum, bursitis or inflammation of the shoulder. Whichever diagnosis you want to believe?? I am 10 pounds away from being what the charts say is “normal”. I would like to reach that goal in a healthy and physical way. Help me obi-wan Kenobi you’re my only help. 🙂 Or help me people with fitness blogs who know more than me!

Thanks for listening!


Author: flirtingwithfifty

Trying to figure out love, life and food. I enjoy cooking, throwing parties and drinking wine. Hoping to find balance and the best possible life as I inch closer to 50.

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