Speed dating. Success or scary as hell?

So I decided to take a break from food planning and menu stress this week. I focused on having a fun week.  In my quest to try new exciting things for 2018, I called my best friend and signed us up for speed dating. We signed up a week ago but it was cancelled. In my haste I just rescheduled us for the very next event. I probably should have read the details as it was an event for ages 24-36. Oops! I called and they said it was fine for two old ladies like us to join in the fun. We arrived with nervous anticipation. Sure enough the room was filled with people technically young enough to be our offspring. Yikes! Since we are both ex theatre majors we decided we could fake it. We agreed not to bring up our age, year we graduated or our love for 80’s movie trivia. You know what? It was a blast! No one called me ma’am or asked if we were in the wrong room. For two ladies who have been out of the dating pool for a year it was great to dip our toes in and test the water. Success! We left and felt proud we had mixed and mingled like pros.

I considered it a success and a fun learning experience. That is until one of those cute 20 something guys texted me and asked me on a date. What the what! I have dated younger men but not that big of an age gap. I panicked and called my cousin who immediately told me to go for it. I texted him back I would be glad to meet him for a drink next weekend. Then I immediately prayed for a blizzard. It’s not that I am afraid of dating someone who is that young. It is probably a fear of dating at all. Let alone the prospect of dating someone who probably abbreviated words with numbers in text. gr8, b4 or whatever, something like that. What will we talk about? Should I let him see my car with a dog seat and crazy dog lady sticker? Should I not mention the fact I graduated high school before he was a gleam in his father’s eye? Panic has set in but for the sake of my goals I shall persevere.

So friends, stay tuned for my next cougar adventures. 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed I can hide my gray hairs and find something “young” to wear.

Keep you posted.


Author: flirtingwithfifty

Trying to figure out love, life and food. I enjoy cooking, throwing parties and drinking wine. Hoping to find balance and the best possible life as I inch closer to 50.

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