Speed dating. Success or scary as hell?

So I decided to take a break from food planning and menu stress this week. I focused on having a fun week.  In my quest to try new exciting things for 2018, I called my best friend and signed us up for speed dating. We signed up a week ago but it was cancelled. In my haste I just rescheduled us for the very next event. I probably should have read the details as it was an event for ages 24-36. Oops! I called and they said it was fine for two old ladies like us to join in the fun. We arrived with nervous anticipation. Sure enough the room was filled with people technically young enough to be our offspring. Yikes! Since we are both ex theatre majors we decided we could fake it. We agreed not to bring up our age, year we graduated or our love for 80’s movie trivia. You know what? It was a blast! No one called me ma’am or asked if we were in the wrong room. For two ladies who have been out of the dating pool for a year it was great to dip our toes in and test the water. Success! We left and felt proud we had mixed and mingled like pros.

I considered it a success and a fun learning experience. That is until one of those cute 20 something guys texted me and asked me on a date. What the what! I have dated younger men but not that big of an age gap. I panicked and called my cousin who immediately told me to go for it. I texted him back I would be glad to meet him for a drink next weekend. Then I immediately prayed for a blizzard. It’s not that I am afraid of dating someone who is that young. It is probably a fear of dating at all. Let alone the prospect of dating someone who probably abbreviated words with numbers in text. gr8, b4 or whatever, something like that. What will we talk about? Should I let him see my car with a dog seat and crazy dog lady sticker? Should I not mention the fact I graduated high school before he was a gleam in his father’s eye? Panic has set in but for the sake of my goals I shall persevere.

So friends, stay tuned for my next cougar adventures. 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed I can hide my gray hairs and find something “young” to wear.

Keep you posted.


Did I fail to plan or was it self sabotage?

So last weeks anti-inflammatory menu was a bust. My meals were bland and did not inspire me to continue. Then this weekend when I should have made more of an effort, I drank too much and shopped for items that I really did not need. At 7pm tonight I realized I didn’t have meals planned and really didn’t care. So my question is did I just neglect my plan or am I sabotaging my effort to be healthy? So after having popcorn for dinner the answer seems to be clear. I am clearly just blowing off my nutritional goals. Here is the question, why? I have lost 53 pounds and now I am stalled. I wish I had an answer and this was a mind-blowing post. It is not! It is a clear struggle to understand why I eat like I do and why I don’t put more effort into my fitness goals. So I apologize to anyone interested in my week.

So I am hoping for feedback. I really want to live a long and healthy life. But do I want to it enough to work at it. Yes, I do but where do I start? Where did you start with your healthy life? How do you make your health a priority?

Good health to you,


Day 1 and 2 recap…boring!

So I wish I had better tales from my 7 day anti-inflammatory challenge. So far my recipes have fallen a little flat. Next week I will have to put more planning into the meals. I will say I made some quinoa for the first time. I prepared it in chicken broth with some garlic. Delicious! Plus I like it gives me a protein boost. I purchased the Sprout’s brand which has 6 grams of protein per serving. My ginger and garlic chicken was a little bland. It might be better with some red pepper or black pepper. I made some lentil chili with spicy tomatoes. This was nice with the garlic quinoa. So far the only good thing is I have stayed away from the foods that are discouraged. No cheese consumption is a big victory this week.

Tomorrow is a new day! I still welcome any suggestions or recipes. I will try the walnut taco recipe later in the week. Keep you posted!



This maybe more difficult than I thought or in other words WTH?

Meal planning day 1. Trying to create meal plans for anti-inflammatory diet could be a bigger challenge. This is what I have so far…very little. I am reading conflicting opinions on eggs so if you know please share. In the meantime I am keeping eggs in the plan with an egg, spinach and homemade salsa dish. I found a recipe for mushroom and walnut tacos. I don’t know how excited about it I am but its on the plan for tomorrow. Tonight I have a spicy tomato, lentil, garlic and black bean chili in the crock pot. Quinoa seems to be a great addition so I made some in a chicken broth with a bunch of garlic. I plan to add that to the chili and possibly the walnut tacos. All in all I am on track for a week worth of unprocessed meals and at least a clean menu. I hope to include lots of anti-inflammatory ingredients. This may take a bit more planning. But isn’t that just life? We have to learn as we go. I wish you good health and better yet delicious meals.


Starting a 7 day (what was I thinking?! )challenge!

Over the last year I have really enjoyed learning about nutrition and its effect on health. I truly believe that what we eat contributes to our physical and mental health. Unfortunately I do not always practice what I preach. I will eat really well for a day or two and then have cheese, crackers and wine for dinner. Lately I have been feeling sluggish and cranky. Plus I am pretty sure I may be developing arthritis. After some reading and researching I discovered some anti-inflammatory articles. After digging deeper I wondered if this could help my overall mood and health. So starting tomorrow I will give it a whirl.

My 7 day challenge will be a combination of eliminating food groups that could be causing inflammation and adding anti-inflammatory foods. Now I realize just changing my habits for 7 days is not going to cure-all that ails me. However, it will be a good start. Baby steps people! Also during this week I will only be eating meals that I have prepared. No eating out or processed snacks no matter how healthy they claim to be.

So I will be eliminating red meat, bread, processed foods and dairy. Super sad about the last one mentioned. My challenge this week will be to create recipes and meals using the following foods that claim to be the 11 best for fighting inflammation. Celery, beets, broccoli, berries, salmon, walnuts, hot peppers, turmeric, ginger, pineapples and leafy green vegetables. Beets are the only food on the list I will be skipping. There was an unfortunate event with being forced to eat beets as a kid. Nothing will stop a mom saying clean your plate faster than throwing up at the table.

Let me know if you are interested in giving it a try with me. I will share any great recipes or meals that I create. I am really hoping that this will give me a boost in the right direction. I am also hoping that it alleviates the inflammation in my shoulder. I will report back tomorrow on my 1st day.

Good luck and be healthy!



What’s your poison?

Let’s talk about drinking and weight loss. Everyone knows that alcohol is not the best when you are trying to get healthy. Empty calories are not something you need. However, if drinking has always been part of your social circle how do you eliminate it? Do you need to eliminate it? There are many different ideas and opinions. I had a male friend who quit drinking beer and lost 25 pounds in what seemed like 2 days. Not accurate but frustrating for some of us. I once quit drinking for 3 months and gained 10 pounds. So what is the answer?

 After my decision to get healthy and change my life I cut out a lot of drinking. Not that I had an issue but I was most definitely a social drinker. So when weight loss was an absolute must I didn’t know what to do. Should I switch to low carb drinks or wine or vodka? I made the decision to switch to wine and cut way back. This was my choice. What about you? If health and weight loss is your goal how do you handle liquor? Did you cut it out or scale back? My goal is to have long and healthy life. Some studies say wine is not a bad option. What do you think? What plan do you follow? Can you lose weight and stay healthy and still enjoy happy hour?

Interested in your reply.


Quick little recipe

Nothing fancy and very quick but I wanted to share with you my discovery. I had some chicken tenders that I needed to bake. Baked chicken is sometimes really boring so I looked in my pantry and pulled out panko bread crumbs and this marinade. I figured what the heck? I used a little panko and about a tablespoon of this seasoning. Dip it in egg, drag it through this mixture and bake for 20 minutes on 425, Voila! It was very flavorful and easy to do. Happy Sunday!