I know why the weight loss industry is a billion dollar market.

It’s because it’s F’ing hard! Every where you go someone has a weight loss plan or eating style that will change your life. Even someone like me who has had gastric sleeve still has doubts. The weight loss industry is a never-ending supply of pills, books, shakes and plans. Which one should you try? For me gastric sleeve was the option to save my health. Even though I am losing weight doesn’t mean I feel like a success. I still struggle with the right choices. Go work out or eat a wheel of brie cheese?

How do we change a lifetime of habits? What path do we walk? That is what I have been struggling with the last 2 months. I want to eat a plant-based lifestyle for a healthy heart. However, I also want a cold beer and some buffalo wings. I have often heard you cannot stick to a plan that doesn’t allow a few exceptions. But what is a few? A few meals or a few days? If I eat well during the week can I splurge on the weekend? Common sense tells me no. I have to develop habits that are healthy and help me reach my goal.

So as I struggle with mid-life weight gain and less energy I will keep searching. Thanks to my 50+ pound weight loss I do believe that a long and healthy life is in the cards. It is just finding that balance. Getting into that routine where fitness, eating and life go hand in hand. Again I appreciate your time. If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate.

Oh, last thing if you read my last post on speed dating, the date turned out to be a dud. Oh well, it was fun and I have hope!’

Take care,


Did I fail to plan or was it self sabotage?

So last weeks anti-inflammatory menu was a bust. My meals were bland and did not inspire me to continue. Then this weekend when I should have made more of an effort, I drank too much and shopped for items that I really did not need. At 7pm tonight I realized I didn’t have meals planned and really didn’t care. So my question is did I just neglect my plan or am I sabotaging my effort to be healthy? So after having popcorn for dinner the answer seems to be clear. I am clearly just blowing off my nutritional goals. Here is the question, why? I have lost 53 pounds and now I am stalled. I wish I had an answer and this was a mind-blowing post. It is not! It is a clear struggle to understand why I eat like I do and why I don’t put more effort into my fitness goals. So I apologize to anyone interested in my week.

So I am hoping for feedback. I really want to live a long and healthy life. But do I want to it enough to work at it. Yes, I do but where do I start? Where did you start with your healthy life? How do you make your health a priority?

Good health to you,


What’s your poison?

Let’s talk about drinking and weight loss. Everyone knows that alcohol is not the best when you are trying to get healthy. Empty calories are not something you need. However, if drinking has always been part of your social circle how do you eliminate it? Do you need to eliminate it? There are many different ideas and opinions. I had a male friend who quit drinking beer and lost 25 pounds in what seemed like 2 days. Not accurate but frustrating for some of us. I once quit drinking for 3 months and gained 10 pounds. So what is the answer?

 After my decision to get healthy and change my life I cut out a lot of drinking. Not that I had an issue but I was most definitely a social drinker. So when weight loss was an absolute must I didn’t know what to do. Should I switch to low carb drinks or wine or vodka? I made the decision to switch to wine and cut way back. This was my choice. What about you? If health and weight loss is your goal how do you handle liquor? Did you cut it out or scale back? My goal is to have long and healthy life. Some studies say wine is not a bad option. What do you think? What plan do you follow? Can you lose weight and stay healthy and still enjoy happy hour?

Interested in your reply.


What motivates me to move? No, really what?

So in my quest for better health I discovered that it is necessary to exercise. No big surprise I was just hoping for a different discovery. I have never been that much into working out. I dabbled in tennis, yoga, weight lifting even jazzercise. Having two left feet ruled that and Zumba out. I did enjoy a boxing class that was offered for a while. The only downside was not being able to lift my arms to brush my teeth. I lack the motivation and commitment to stay doing one thing. It has always been one of my negative traits. I would like a flat stomach but probably not more than I enjoy sitting on my ass.

I did finally get in a groove with some weight training. I liked the way I felt and the energy it gave me. Then old age or something else as cruel intervened. One day I did something lame like open a pickle jar or pick up my 10 lb. dog and yowza! Pain like I had never felt in my shoulder. I did what I do best and I ignored it. Masking the pain with salonpas patches. If you don’t know about them they are a slice of menthol heaven. So for almost a year I smelled like my grandma after a night smoking menthol at bingo. Then I gave in and went to 2 different doctors and an acupuncturist. I received 3 different diagnosis and am not any closer to feeling better. By the way I type this wearing two menthol patches and smelling like a cough drop.

So my physical activity basically went to crap! I walk that is it. I would like muscles or a nice definition. However, I would like to not yelp out in pain when I reach back to hook my bra. So friends, what do you suggest? Two things needed please. What motivates you to get up every day and say cardio…Yes! Second what would you recommend for me? I am willing to try new things if it doesn’t aggravate my torn labrum, bursitis or inflammation of the shoulder. Whichever diagnosis you want to believe?? I am 10 pounds away from being what the charts say is “normal”. I would like to reach that goal in a healthy and physical way. Help me obi-wan Kenobi you’re my only help. 🙂 Or help me people with fitness blogs who know more than me!

Thanks for listening!


Vegan, Paleo or Pegan? Oh my!

That is the million dollar question these days.  Every group has their opinion and facts to back up their plan. I think the question is what is best for you? In my 48 years I have tried every plan under the sun.  The kitchen is my happy place.  I like everything about it from the planning to preparation to presentation.  So the only requirement I ever had for a diet was no diet shake and no premade dinners.  My love for everything food was mostly to blame for the extra 70 pounds I was carrying.  Well, that and a cold beer.

So back to my dilemma. What is going to be the best plan for me? After gastric sleeve surgery you are required to eat your protein first.  They stress the importance of meat protein at every meal.  This was a challenge for me on many levels. Can all that meat be good for your heart? I made it through the first 4 months before I said for the love of Pete can I just have a salad?  Of course I can but only if I make smart choices with the salad.

So is Vegan an option? Yes and no. I discovered that a vegan diet is not popular with bariatric surgeons.  You can only eat about a cup at each meal. A cup of chicken has a lot more protein than a cup of green beans. I know that there are meat substitutes available but have you tried them all? Some do have a lack of flavor. So I was stuck. Do I continue to eat meat all the damn time?

Then this week I read an article about a Pegan diet.  It is the brainchild of Dr. Mark Hyman.  It takes the best of Paleo and Vegan and combines it. Sounds good…but how to go about finding the fit for me. Can I give up cheese for the rest of my life? It also eliminates legumes. I thought beans were A+ foods. In the end can anyone stick to a plan that restricts or eliminates a food group?  I think the only group that can are Vegan’s. If you are a vegan for ethical reasons than I know that is a strict commitment.

For now I have decided to try a little of everything. I am putting a lot more emphasis on plant based foods but not cut out all dairy. I will continue to add lean meats in my plan but on a smaller scale. Pinterest is my favorite place to learn about foods I am unfamiliar with such as tempeh. I made some delicious tempeh tacos with a cabbage, green onion and radish slaw. I didn’t miss ground beef or cheese.  Really I swear I didn’t! I guess my non professional advice today is not to be afraid to try new things. If you had told me a year ago I would put nutritional yeast instead of butter on my popcorn I would have called you crazy.  Try it by the way, you won’t regret it. I welcome comments or thoughts on the plan you love. I am always willing to try a new recipe and report back.

All my best,


Flirting with 50

I procrastinate. Case in point, I thought about beginning a blog before my 40th birthday.  As you can tell by my title 40 has come and gone. Now as I approach 49 I wonder can people really change? Can I put my thoughts into words and interact with thousands of new people…hundreds…okay a dozen? I had a lot of changes happen this year and it inspired me to give it a shot.  I moved back to the city of my youth and purchased a home older than me. It is a work in progress like the owner.  I had some health issues and underwent a gastric sleeve so far losing 54 pounds.

However, the biggest change was what I wanted for my life.  I am tired of sleepwalking through life.  You blink and a moment is a memory. When I was 40 I made a list of 50 things that I wanted to do before I turned 50.  I have accomplished one task on that list. That is not the worst part.  The list is dumb and filled with things I thought I should do or places that I needed to visit. So instead of a list I am just going to try and experience life.

I mentioned the gastric sleeve because weight loss is usually on everyone’s mind.  I didn’t think it was important to me.  I felt comfortable, had high self esteem and found boyfriends.  It didn’t seem important until my doctor said you have to lose weight or your health is in jeopardy.  I lost my father when he was 73 of COPD and obesity. It was like a bucket of cold water.  When he mentioned surgery I was immediately pissed off. Standing at 5’4 and wearing a size 16 I certainly had excess weight but weight loss surgery.  Well screw you Doc! Thankfully I did my research and made the decision to go forward.  It’s not for everyone but it was the correct choice for me. I reversed fatty liver disease, insulin resistance and cardiovascular issues. It certainly hasn’t been a walk in the park but I am glad I did it!

In my blog I want to share healthy recipes, my experiences on the dating scene at 48 and encourage everyone to live life. Don’t let it pass you by!  I also hope people will share their tips and stories with me.  For instance I am always looking for a great skin cream.  I swear by BioSil by the way.  If you don’t take it you should check it out.  It helps fine lines, nails and hair.  Of course, if I am going to share a tip I should say water is the best thing for dry skin.  I hope to talk with you and hopefully you will enjoy my stories.

All my best,