Flirting with 50

I procrastinate. Case in point, I thought about beginning a blog before my 40th birthday.  As you can tell by my title 40 has come and gone. Now as I approach 49 I wonder can people really change? Can I put my thoughts into words and interact with thousands of new people…hundreds…okay a dozen? I had a lot of changes happen this year and it inspired me to give it a shot.  I moved back to the city of my youth and purchased a home older than me. It is a work in progress like the owner.  I had some health issues and underwent a gastric sleeve so far losing 54 pounds.

However, the biggest change was what I wanted for my life.  I am tired of sleepwalking through life.  You blink and a moment is a memory. When I was 40 I made a list of 50 things that I wanted to do before I turned 50.  I have accomplished one task on that list. That is not the worst part.  The list is dumb and filled with things I thought I should do or places that I needed to visit. So instead of a list I am just going to try and experience life.

I mentioned the gastric sleeve because weight loss is usually on everyone’s mind.  I didn’t think it was important to me.  I felt comfortable, had high self esteem and found boyfriends.  It didn’t seem important until my doctor said you have to lose weight or your health is in jeopardy.  I lost my father when he was 73 of COPD and obesity. It was like a bucket of cold water.  When he mentioned surgery I was immediately pissed off. Standing at 5’4 and wearing a size 16 I certainly had excess weight but weight loss surgery.  Well screw you Doc! Thankfully I did my research and made the decision to go forward.  It’s not for everyone but it was the correct choice for me. I reversed fatty liver disease, insulin resistance and cardiovascular issues. It certainly hasn’t been a walk in the park but I am glad I did it!

In my blog I want to share healthy recipes, my experiences on the dating scene at 48 and encourage everyone to live life. Don’t let it pass you by!  I also hope people will share their tips and stories with me.  For instance I am always looking for a great skin cream.  I swear by BioSil by the way.  If you don’t take it you should check it out.  It helps fine lines, nails and hair.  Of course, if I am going to share a tip I should say water is the best thing for dry skin.  I hope to talk with you and hopefully you will enjoy my stories.

All my best,